Iggy (Beth) enjoys her Christmas present

When Siberian kitten Iggy (now known as Beth) went to live in Wellington last month, her new friend Helen ordered one of our custom-made climbing posts.

Well, you know how busy we all get just before Christmas, and I have to admit I was rather slow getting the post built. But thanks to great service from Castle Parcels, the 2-metre tall “Super Scratcher Deluxe” got to Helen on Christmas Eve.

You can see in the video Helen posted that Beth knew exactly what to do with her new toy.

Beth continues to be very easy and it’s all worked out just as I’d hoped, having her arrive here in this later part of the year. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with her as well as have some deliberate periods away so it’s not a big adjustment when I’m at work. I’ve also had more people than usual visiting me, and she’s friendly with them and isn’t bothered by the extra noise. I have a few friends whom I’m monitoring in case they try and sneak her out of here and steal her away!

Helen needed an extremely low allergen kitten and waited patiently on our reserve list for almost two years until little Iggy came along with sufficiently low Fel d1 test results.

If you’re wondering about the climbing post in the video, it’s our Super Scratcher Deluxe model which has a 600mm section wrapped in good old fashioned manilla rope using a traditional sailor’s seizing (no staples or other fasteners). Like all our custom-made posts, the carpeting is treated with catnip for extra allure.

We build our posts to order. Please contact us for details.

And here are more photos of Iggy (Beth).

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2 Responses to Iggy (Beth) enjoys her Christmas present

  1. Helen says:

    People are always so shocked to see her scale the post, I’m glad to have something high enough for her to enjoy, thanks Neil. She’s a very adept climber of all things, as well as a fisher. I’ve put out a big bowl of water with some things bobbing in it, and bought a Robofish this week. She loves sitting there watching it swim around (and it keeps her attention when I’m trying to eat a dinner she finds appealing) 🙂

  2. Neil says:

    Ah, she’s one lucky cat! Judee always says that if she has a next life, she’d like to be a Seacliffe Siberian kitten.

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