Parting shots: Izabella (Izzie)

Siberian kitten Izzie at 19 weeks old, 7 Jan 2016

Siberian kitten Izzie at 19 weeks old, 7 Jan 2016

Today we said good-bye to lovely Izabella (Izzie) who has gone to live with Carole and her family in West Auckland.

Izzie is a classic black/brown tabby, like her mother Cici. And as she grew, it was sometimes hard to tell them apart without a second look.

This was accentuated by the fact that Izzie stayed with us longer than usual until her new family was able to take her. And we certainly grew very fond of her during that time. She has a constant purr but also plays hard and will emit a fierce growl when she catches “Da Bird“.

Judee and I won’t be the only ones missing Izzie. She and Hoku (just 12 days older, and staying with us for breeding) were good companions for each other. We’ll have to give Hoku a little extra love, I think.

And I’m sure Izzie will be getting plenty of that in her new home.

There are several more “parting shot” photos on the Izzie page.

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