Happy 2nd birthday to the C kittens

Bluepoint Siberian female cat Sapphire

Bluepoint Siberian female cat Sapphire, March 2015

The C kittens were born two years ago today, on 24 March 2013.

It was nice to receive today the photo above from Rebecca, the human belonging to Sapphire (ex Catia).

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More cats in strange places

Like many of our Siberian cats, Felix enjoys relaxing on an empty egg carton. 6 Feb 2015

Like many of our Siberian cats, Felix enjoys relaxing on an empty egg carton. 6 Feb 2015

So, what is it with egg cartons? Lately several of our Siberian cats have taken to climbing into empty egg cartons.

You wouldn’t think that would be very comfortable, would you?

Ah well, cats toys needn’t be expensive!

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The Felix file

Siberian cat Felix

“Or you could file me under ‘C’ for ‘cute’.”

Our young Felix – destined to take over as chief breeder at Seacliffe Siberians later this year – still acts like a kitten despite being more than 15 months old.

Or maybe it’s just that cats cannot resist an open drawer, in this case a file cabinet in our office.

Hi mother, Cici, is particularly fond of climbing into the linen cupboard whenever we’re putting the washing away.

Hi father, Harley, enjoys climbing into boxes – the smaller the better.

* In case you were wondering, no we don’t file cats. The file label was Photoshopped.

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Help us support Round the Bays charities

Vicki and Ada in training for Round the Bays

Vicki and Ada training for Round the Bays

Every year, thousands of Aucklanders run or walk Round the Bays to raise money for their favourite charities.

This year’s event will be held on Sunday 8 March and Seacliffe Siberians are pleased to support two animal-loving participants. If you’re looking for a way to contribute, you might like to check out these Round the Bays entrants:

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Harley turns four

3-year-old male Siberian cat Harley

Male Siberian cat Harley on 30 Nov 2014

Our loveable breeding male Harley turned four years old on 29 January.

Harley is a blue lynx tabby point with white, and came to us when he was just a few months old from Angara Harlequins in Boston.

Harley’s parents are both champion Siberians. But much more important to us, he has a wonderfully gentle personality. We’ve never seen him get aggressive with our other cats, and he’s been amazing affectionate with all his kittens (he’s fathered four litters with Calina and one with Cici).

He’s also quite a talker, and often seems to be asking us to come and play or just hang out with him.

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Calina is now a work of art

An oil painting of Calina by Kate Stone, a gift from Cailin at Waterlily Siberians, where Calina was born.

We received a very nice Christmas present, this oil painting by Kate Stone of our brown mackerel torbie queen Calina.

The painting was a gift from Cailin at Waterlily Siberians where Calina was born. Thanks Cailin for this very thoughtful gift.

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Happy 1st birthday to the F kittens

Male Siberian cat Felix on 30 Dec 2014, 2 days before his first birthday

Male Siberian cat Felix on 30 Dec 2014, 2 days before his first birthday. Photo: C Dower

The F Litter kittens will be one year old tomorrow (New Year’s Day).

The kittens are Fitzy (George), Farley, Foster, Freya (Bella) and the delightful young male Felix who has stayed with us for breeding. He should be ready to start work within the next few months.

It’s fun to compare the photo of Felix above with the video of him playing in the same basket when he was six weeks old.

14 February 2014

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Elu and Elmo stick close to each other

Siberian cats Elu and Elmo

Elu and Elmo – warm and dry. December 2014

Our first litter as Siberian cat breeders comprised just two kittens: Elu and Elmo.

We were very happy when Catherine and her family in Eugene, Oregon decided to take both kittens. And together they remain.

The cats (can’t call them kittens anymore) are now three years old.

Catherine writes:

The weather is frightful in Eugene today, pouring buckets. We are snuggled in by the wood stove, including Elmo and Elu.

Photos never seem to capture them perfectly, but this one is pretty good. They are fluffy big boys! Good mousers, too.

Happy Christmas to you!

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Cats like their microchip-activated cat doors

Siberian cat Cecilia enters Harley's outdoor run via an electronic cat door

Siberian cat Cecilia enters Harley’s outdoor run via an electronic cat door

We recently had Grant from the Cat Door Company install microchip-activated cat doors to allow our cats to access their outdoor runs. Apart from having to replace one defective door early on, this has worked very well.

All our cats (and kittens) are microchipped, and the doors can be programmed to control which cats have access (important when you have breeding animals!) with the ability to easily change access when needed.

This is much less hassle than systems that require your cat to wear a collar to activate the cat door.

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New photos: Siberian kitten Farley

Siberian cat Farley and Siberian husky Ada

Two Siberians: Siberian cat Farley and Siberian husky Ada, 12 Oct 2014

Vicki just sent us some recent photos of 10-month-old Farley, a blue and white male from Cici and Harley’s F Litter.

Farley now lives with another cat (Hazel), a service dog (Ada) plus humans Vicki and Simon.

» More photos of Farley

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