Lucy at two months old

Siberian kitten Lucy at 2 months old, 14 January 2017

Siberian kitten Lucy at 2 months old, 14 January 2017

As I was busy working in the office yesterday, I noticed that Lucy was keeping me company, sitting on another chair.

If only she could answer emails. 🙂

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Our cat safety video has gone “viral”!

If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t posted kitten photos for a while, it’s because we’ve been going flat out responding to enquiries about the cat safety product we sell – Oscillot cat fencing.

Rest assured, the kittens are getting lots of love and we’ll have photos soon, but the Oscillot video we put on Facebook a few days ago “went viral” as they say, with close to 6 million views, 13 thousand comments, and 93 thousand shares!

We’ve been busy answering enquiries on Facebook and through our website

In case you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen our little video, check it out above. 🙂

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Three-year-old Farley

Siberian cat Farley at three years old

All partied out, Farley at three years old.

Back to the F Litter for a moment, and here’s another birthday photo (the F Cats turned three years old on 1 January.)

Vicki writes:

Farley spent his day having a lovely brush and playing with his new cat toys.

He’s looking very young again. After having dropped his stunning winter coat he looks like a scrawny teenager!

Despite this, everyone he meets instantly falls in love with him. It’s a bit hard not to when he’s so confident, affectionate, quirky, and playful. He’s an amazing cat.

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Happy New Year from Georgy

Siberian cat Georgy (ex Jonty) on his Super Scratcher Deluxe climbing post

Georgy (ex Jonty) on his Super Scratcher Deluxe climbing post, Dec 2016

We received this nice photo from Michelle shortly before Christmas. It’s Georgy (ex Jonty from our J Litter) who turned one year old yesterday!

He’s perched on his 2-metre tall Super Scratcher Deluxe climbing post, made by Seacliffe Siberians.

Isn’t he handsome?

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The F cats are 3 three years old

Siberian cat Bella (ex Freya) on her 3rd birthday

Siberian cat Bella (ex Freya) on her 3rd birthday, 1 Jan 2017

The first of January was the 3rd birthday for the F Litter kittens. It’s certainly an easy date to remember for owners of our F kittens – and that includes us because Felix stayed here at Seacliffe Siberians where he has now fathered four litters.

There were five kittens in the F Litter, including Freya (now Bella), pictured above on her birthday, Felix, Foster, Fitzy and Farley.

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First photos of the M Litter

Siberian cat Hoku and her kittens at two days old

Hoku and her four M kittens at two days old, 29 Dec 2016

Hoku gave birth to four kittens on 27 December. Just to make life interesting, the first three are dark female tabbies. Telling them apart is going to be a challenge (we keep close watch on their weights, which are currently different enough to distinguish them). The fourth kitten is a male colourpoint.

Siberian cat Hoku and her kittens at two days old

Hoku and her four M kittens at two days old, 29 Dec 2016

Even though she’s a first-time mum, Hoku knows just what to do, and the kittens are all thriving. They had a visit from the vet yesterday to confirm they are healthy.

The kittens’ father is Felix. Both parents are very low allergen, so our fingers are crossed for some low Fel d1 scores on these kittens when we test them at three months of age.

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Video: L Litter kittens at play

We woke the L Litter kittens for a photo shoot and video recording, but obviously Linus needed more sleep! You can even see him yawning.

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Hoku’s kittens coming soon

Siberian cat Hoku at 16 months old, in the final week of her first pregnancy

Hoku at 16 months old, in the final week of her first pregnancy, 24 Dec 2016

It’s an exceptionally busy time around here, with another litter of kittens only days away.

This will be the first litter for 16-month-old Hoku, daughter of Harley and Calina.

Hoku was the biggest kitten from our H Litter and is extremely low in Fel-d1 allergen. She mated with super-affectionate Felix, so we are hoping for some very fine kittens.

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Gustav and Jespa happy together

Siberian cats Gustav and Jespa

Gustav and Jespa, 2016

We received a Christmas message from Gavin and Vanessa along with these photos of their two Seacliffe Siberians.

Gustav (Gus) is 20 months old, and little Jespa will be one year old on 3 January.

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Introducing Leo

Siberian kitten Leo at 5 weeks old, 17 Dec 2016

Siberian kitten Leo at 5 weeks old, 17 Dec 2016

You’ve been patient! Here’s the third and final kitten in the L Litter and his name is Leo.

Leo was one day behind his siblings Linus and Lucy in moving to solid food, but then made up for lost time with a big appetite!

He loves playing with toys and will jump right in with confidence when a new toy is introduced.

And he has the distinction of “wearing a fingerless glove” on his left front paw. 🙂

More on the Leo page

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