Ask yourself: “Could cat videos help my business?”

As occasional contributors to the internet cat video movement, we were delighted recently to see this recognition of the industry.


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New photos of Remy McSwain

Siberian cat Remy McSwain

The debonair Remy McSwain

Calina and Harley’s B Litter turned two years old at the end of September, and it was great to catch up with the “gang” via some birthday messages and photos.

Jeff and Anne, who have Remy McSwain (originally named Barney) wrote:

Remy is such a delight. He’s got such a great personality, loves hanging out (or sleeping/napping) with us, has such silly streaks, loves being held, and of course LOVES to go wander around the backyard in his harness. All we have to do is say, “Want to go outside?” and he starts meowing and chirping like you wouldn’t believe because he’s so excited.

When I go to put the harness on him he flops down on the floor as to “help”, but of course he usually flops the wrong way making it so I can’t buckle the straps, but no worries – I just roll him over and he’s as content as can be. He then waits to be scooped-up and carried outside.

Sometimes we walk around with him so he can explore and smell, and sometimes we just clip him to a stake in the ground so he can wander while we’re out there. He just loves it.

And of course he’s such a handsome boy. Since he hasn’t been blogging much I’ve attached a few photos here for you. He gets so many compliments on his good looks! :-)

See more photos on the Remy page.

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Cats welcome spring in new outdoor run

Siberian cats in outdoor run

L-R: Cici, Felix and Calina enjoy some fresh air in their new run.

We don’t let our cats run free outdoors, we but we give them lots of opportunity for fresh air, with secure, screened windows throughout the house plus their own screened cat runs.

We just finished building another cat run last weekend, and the cats seem to like it. This one is about 2 metres by 3 metres and 2 metres tall. It has plenty of room for a rocking chair and cat furniture too.

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New photos of Bella (ex Freya)

Siberian cat Bella (ex Freya), 16 Sept 2014

Siberian cat Bella (ex Freya), 16 Sept 2014

Gillian in Hawke’s Bay has just sent us some photos of eight-month-old Bella, whom you may remember as Freya from Cici’s first litter.

See more on the Freya – Bella page.

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Photo: Calina and Harley

Siberian cats Calina and Harley

Calina and Harley, 10 September 2014

Calina and Harley love to snuggle up together. Funny thing though, Calina always looks very comfortable. Harley not so much.

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Available now: 3-level Seacliffe Siberians climbing posts

The new 3-level climbing/scratching post from Seacliffe Siberians

The new 3-level climbing/scratching post from Seacliffe Siberians

We recently spotted a nice-looking 3-level scratching/climbing post for sale and decided to give it a try.

This post appeared to be particularly well-made and, after evaluating it for a few months, we contacted the maker and asked if he could build a larger version that would enable big cats, such as Siberians, to get more of a stretch.

The result is the new 3-level Seacliffe Siberians climbing/scratching post which we now have available for sale.

Please contact Judee for pricing.

And yes, we still offer the simpler scratching posts that we build ourselves, including the awesome two-metre tall Super Scratcher Deluxe.

Here’s some video of Cici and her son Felix discovering this new scratching post for the first time. Cici is the vocal one!

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Felix at seven months old

Siberian kitten Felix

Siberian kitten Felix shows off his gorgeous ruff. 23 August 2014

Our brown mackerel tabby Felix is developing into quite a stunning Siberian cat. At only seven months old (born 1 January 2014) he already sports a magnificent ruff. He’s also big and very affectionate.

Felix is destined to breed when he gets a little older.

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Mari in a tunnel

Siberian cat Mari

Mari in a tunnel, 15 March 2014

Here’s our poster cat Mari in a tunnel.

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Photo: Calina and Felix

Siberian cat Calina inflicts a little grooming on kitten Felix, 19 July 2014

Siberian cat Calina inflicts a little grooming on kitten Felix, 19 July 2014

Felix was minding his own business curled up in a bed by the back door when Calina decided there was room for her in the bed too.

Then she had to give Felix a tidy-up. These cats are not related (Felix is the son of Cici and Harley), but still get on well.

In this photo you can get an idea of how huge Felix’s ruff is getting too.

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Cici’s latest award

Cici's 3rd place ribbon, United States NW Region 2013-2014

Cici’s 3rd place ribbon, United States NW Region 2013-2014

Before she joined us at Seacliffe Siberians last year, our queen Cici (GC Kotchera Cecilia Seacliffe) appeared at a number of cat shows in the United States, thanks to the dedicated effort of breeder Wendy Heidt at Kotchera Siberians in Vancouver, Washington.

In addition to a slew of prize ribbons already won by Cici, Wendy has just sent us this magnificent award based on overall show points for the 2013-2014 season in the US Northwest Region.

Thanks Wendy and congratulations Cici!

See more on the Cecilia page and the F Litter page.

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