Video: G Litter kittens crash the bus

Many months ago, Judee spotted an ad for this children’s toy bus on sale at a big NZ retailer.

We didn’t know what to expect, but thought our Siberian cats and kittens might enjoy playing in it.

Actually, they enjoy crashing it.

The design simply isn’t very good. If you so much as look at the bus it falls over and collapses. And for our felines, that’s when the real fun begins.

Here are the 14-week-old G Litter kittens in action on our kitchen floor this morning. Their mum Cici also appears, stomping on the bus even though her kittens are inside!

In a few days, these cuties will be on their way to new homes. We’ll miss them so much.

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New photo of Foster

Siberian cat Foster, 30 June 2015

Siberian cat Foster at 18 months old, 30 June 2015

Marla just sent us this lovely photo of colourpoint Foster.

Foster and his F-Litter mates are 18 months old.

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Photo: Gustav, Gabby and Georgey

12-week-old Siberian kittens Gustav, Gabby and Georgey

L-R: 12-week-old Siberian kittens Gustav, Gabby and Georgey, 30 June 2015

The four G Litter kittens had just finished dinner this evening when Judee opened the door to the nursery. She called to me to get the camera.

Three of the kitties had gone straight from the dinner plates to a cat bed where they curled up together for a rest. We both thought they were pretty cute.

An hour later we began saliva testing their Fel d1 allergen levels – something we’ll be doing over the next 4-5 days. Soon these cuties will be heading off to their new homes!

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Photo: Gus and Gabby

Siberian kittens Gus and Gabby

11-week-old Siberian kittens Gus and Gabby, 27 Jun 2015

I looked out the window yesterday, and saw Gus and Gabby curled up in one of our outdoor runs. All the kittens are quite adept now at using the cat door to go out into the run whenever they like. With the nice weather this weekend, we’ve frequently had all four kittens in the run as well as several of the older cats.

The G Litter kittens will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and we are about to begin their allergen level testing so that Judee will soon be able to match them to people who have been waiting patiently on our reserve list.

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G Litter kittens at 10 weeks old

G Litter Siberian kittens at 10 weeks old, 15 June 2015

G Litter Siberian kittens at 10 weeks old, 15 June 2015

Judee got this photo today as the G Litter kittens curled up on in a bed on the kitchen floor.

Clockwise from the top: Georgey, Gus, Gabby and Gracie.

You wouldn’t know it from this photo, but they are usually full of energy.

They must be growing up. Last night their mum Cecilia decided not to spend the night in the nursery for the first time since the kittens were born.

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Siberian cats open low-allergen café in Canada

A friend in Ottawa sent us this news story from neigbouring Chelsea, Quebec.

Opening soon: a café for people allergic to cats, featuring…cats. Siberian cats, naturally.

Michael Lebrun, co-owner of Siberian Cat Café, is allergic to cats. But in 2013 he got a low-allergen Siberian cat and now he and his partner have three.

The couple is preparing to open a café with as many as seven Siberians in residence.

World's first Siberian Cat Cafe

“Cat cafés started in Taiwan and became popular in Japan in the mid-2000s before expanding to Europe, then North America,” says Metro newspaper. “Siberian Cat Café is partly inspired by Montreal’s Cafe Chat L’Heureux, which opened last year.”

The café will also have an animal-free room, where people who aren’t necessarily fond of cats can congregate, and a patio where dogs are welcome.

Mr Lebrun says opening date is 4 July, but may be adjusted depending on how the cats settle in.

“The cats really have to make the place their own before we invite people to come in,” he said.

I like coffee and I love Siberian cats, but I have mixed feelings about the Siberian Cat Café.

I hope the cats are given plenty of safe space to be themselves. And I also hope that people with severe allergies don’t come away disappointed if they have an allergic reaction at the cafe. People’s sensitivity to cat allergens varies greatly, as does the allergen level of each cat. Not all Siberians have low allergen levels, although they are more likely to than most other breeds, particularly if their parent are low-allergen.

What do you think? Would you go to a cat café?

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Hungry kittens learn how to beat the system

Siberian cat Cecilia (Cici) lets her son Georgey each from the microchip ct feeder

Siberian cat Cecilia (Cici) lets her son Georgey eat from the microchip cat feeder. 29 May 2015

Because we want one of our adult cats to lose a bit of weight, we keep the supply of dry food in a microchip-activated cat feeder. The feeder only opens when a cat with the required authorisation (security clearance?) approaches.

But that hasn’t stopped our unauthorised G Litter kittens from getting dry food in addition to their special supply just for kittens.

They simply wait for an adult cat to open the feeder, then sneak in for a feed!

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Gracie aims high

Gracie and Felix looking down on the world

Gracie and Felix looking down on the world, 2 June 2015

Our G Litter kittens are eight weeks old today and they now have the run of about half the house.

Today’s big treat was getting to go into our office for the first time. Gracie, who is our champion climber, immediately spotted a big old 2-metre tall scratching post and immediately headed right for the top.

In the photo above, she has been joined by big brother Felix and the two of them look like children in a treehouse daring anyone else to try and come up!

(Felix loves playing with the kittens.)

We wondered whether Gracie would be able to get down, but no problem, she reversed down the post just like descending a ladder.

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Harley gets some sun

Male Siberian cat Harley

Male Siberian cat Harley, 27 May 2015

OK, that’s enough kitten photos. (Well, for a few hours at least).

Here’s a photo Judee took yesterday of our kittens’ father Harley as he took advantage of some rare sunshine here in Auckland. He is in his outdoor run, which Judee was cleaning at the time.

He is one lovely cat – talkative and affectionate – and we love him dearly.

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Photo treat: Georgey and the G Litter

The G-Litter kitens at 6 weeks old

The G-Litter kitens at 6 weeks old. L-R: Gabby, Georgey, Gustav, Gracie. 24 May 2015

After dinner last night we were sitting on the couch watching the G-Litter kittens as they snoozed together.

Gustav in particular was sound asleep on his back, even though his brother Georgey was lying across his legs and getting a bit restless.

Then we caught the following priceless photo…

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