Cat claw clippers

This is the style of clipper we recommend.

This is the style of clipper we recommend.

We trim our cats’ claws about once a fortnight, and usually just the front claws.

We’ve tried many sorts of clippers over the years, and have settled on this style. It doesn’t have a lot of metal to block your view as you try to position the clipper over the claw while avoiding the quick (the pink coloured area near the base of the claw).

Our cats have never objected at all to having their claws trimmed. We do it carefully but quickly, and with a little practice you can too.

These clippers work great on cats of all sizes including tiny kittens.

You can find them for about $11-14 at pet stores and vets.

Please NEVER have your cat declawed. This is cruel, unnecessary, and specifically not permitted in our sales contracts.

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