We love to hear from people who have purchased a Siberian kitten from us, and to see how much joy they bring to their new homes. Here are a few testimonials:

Gustav (Gus)

Siberian kitten Gustav at 5 months old, 13 Sept 2015

Siberian kitten Gustav at 5 months old, 13 Sept 2015

Gus is even more of a lovebug than when we first brought him home. We love him so much!

And he loves his scratching post. 🙂

Thanks Judee!

– Vanessa (Auckland NZ)


Siberian kitten Farley at 5 1/2 months old

Siberian kitten Farley at 5 1/2 months old, 14 June 2014

Farley is never too far away and drunkenly walks in from wherever he’s been sleeping outside covered in leaves. He’s so laid back and just goes with the flow. He’s not overly set in a routine – if someone is around for cuddles or play he happily puts his plans aside. Everyone falls in love with him instantly.

– Vicki (Auckland NZ)

Archie (ex Byron)

Siberian kitten Archie at seven months old with Holly

Archie at seven months old with Holly

As you can see Archie is well, big and very beautiful. He is basically a full-sized adult cat with still a bit of growing to go no doubt. He has settled really well and is truly part of the family. As you can see Holly is still the favourite in the family; she can do anything with him and he is more than happy, she had him tucked up on her bed the other day with a pillow and blanket. 🙂

He is definitely still wee mad Archie but without the wee bit. I enjoy buying cat toys and today he was spoilt with a door hanging mouse on elastic. It has proven a big hit already.

– Carolyn (Wanganui NZ)

Caesar (ex Baxter)

Siberian kitten Baxter (Caesar) at 1 year old

Baxter (Caesar) at 1 year old

Caesar is doing well! He still thinks he’s the baby of the house, though, so I think it was a bit confusing for him when our baby arrived, and he no longer had exclusive rights to my lap in the evenings from 7pm onwards.

He is an outdoor/indoor cat since we moved into this house, which came equipped with a cat door. When he comes in, he bursts through the door and announces his arrival loudly with happy meows and headbutts. At dusk Caesar comes in for the night, and we lock his door.

He’s very much a dog-like cat! If we run into each other outside on our way for a walk, he will follow us around the neighbourhood. He also goes over to the elementary school (which our son attends) daily and has gotten to know the kids there, who have named him Snowy. Inside, Caesar follows us around the house from room to room. He like to be where the action is!

– Jesica (Otago, NZ)

Saffy (ex Catia)

5-month-old Siberian kitten Saffy

5-month-old Siberian kitten Saffy, 1 Sept 2013

Saffy is doing beautifully with us and is well loved by all. She has been enjoying time outside and comes back totally exhausted, covered in bits and pieces. She has been learning to hunt and has moved from bees to skinks! She’d really love one of the bantams from next door, but they are smart old ladies who know when to sidestep a silly young cat that looks like a big mop.

She is such a good fit for our family, so thank you very much.

– Rebecca (Warkworth NZ)

Tinkerbell (ex Crissa)

Female Siberian kitten Crissa

Tinberbell (ex Crissa) checks out her new wheels, 29 July 2013.

Tinkerbell is so amazing and tolerant with the children.

We can’t believe how lucky we are.

– Sarah (Wellington NZ)

Stoli (ex Bailey)

Siberian cat Stoli

Stoli at 8 months old with Mike, 8 June 2013

Stoli writes: I thought you might like to see what I get up to, and how much I have grown. I am enormous! I have a big ruff developing, and am SO fluffy.

Every day I wake up having been snuggling in bed all night.

I eat breakfast, and then play in the bathroom, so I’m not on my own. I follow everyone, everywhere, all day long. I either run in and out the shower, jump in the sink, roll and skid on the mats, or destroy the toilet roll.

Otis (ex Cosmo)

Male Siberian kitten Cosmo

Cosmo (Otis) at 15 weeks old with his new friend Emily.

Otis (Cosmo) is so delightful. We all love him, including Peter and Sophie (who is not really an animal person). She seeks him out for cuddles, which makes us laugh. He has certainly added fun to our household.

– Carol (Auckland NZ)


Female Siberian kitten Caci

Caci has settled in perfectly, and wheedled her way into everyone’s heart. She is very spirited and lots of fun. She and Mala (our Dalmatian dog) have settled well, licking each other’s muzzles after they have eaten, so no problems there. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her, and I think she is going to turn into a very pretty cat.

– Miriam (Auckland NZ)

Remy McSwain (ex Barney)

Remy is doing really well and we love him to death! He’s such a great kitty. And such personality. 🙂

He likes spending part of the night on top of the covers on our bed curled up by one of us, and part of the night under the covers next to me. I’m guessing when it gets cooler out again he’ll spend more time under the covers.

Siberian kitten Remy McSwain

Siberian kitten Remy McSwain with Anne

The cat dancer you gave us and the feather toy-on-a-pole are his two favourite toys. We have a couple of perches set up by windows for him and he loves watching what’s happening outside. He especially loves leaping and pouncing on flies on the windows. And although he loves looking outside, he doesn’t try to get out when we go in and out which is great.

– Jeff (Auckland NZ)

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Alexander with his new friends Robin and Jude

We are absolutely delighted with our new kitten, Alexander. He’s a real sweetie and has coped beautifully with our noisy household and kids. As an asthmatic with a major cat allergy, it’s been wonderful being able to introduce a cat into our home without the usual debilitating side effects. Thanks to Judee and Neil!
– Kirsty (Auckland NZ)


Siberian kitten Alfredo (Alfie)

Alfie with his new friends Ollie and Luke

Alfie has fitted in extremely well and quickly into our family and is very tolerant of Ollie and Luke and enjoy their company. He loves company, and loves to snuggle in for cuddles and pats.
– Janette (Christchurch NZ)

Elmo and Elu

Siberian kittens Elmo and Elu at one year old

Siberian kittens Elmo and Elu at one year old

Elmo is big, powerful and fluffy, with a calm and cheerful disposition. He pads down the hallways chirping greetings to us and loves to be with his people. Elu is the playful hunter, always willing to chase or jump for a ball or toy. He has a quick attack! Kevin says they are thunder and lightning! Even with several family members with allergies and asthma we have had no problems with these beautiful boys.
– Catherine (Oregon, USA)