28 March 2016: Seacliffe Siberians on TV

The Oscillot cat fence system – cats can’t get over it!

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23 January 2016: The J Litter kittens on their first “picnic”

20 Mar 2014: The F Litter kittens show off their soccer skills

2 Mar 2014: The F Litter kittens play with the Cat Dancer. Listen to Fitzy growl when he gets it!

May 2013: The six C Litter kittens love to play, then sleep, then play some more. In the video below, Judee wields the Cat Dancer toy and the kittens try to pounce on it.

April 2013: We shot the following video of the C Litter shortly after we lowered the “drawbridge” on the kitten nest for the first time, enabling the kittens to wander freely in the nursery.

January 2013: Biko pretends he can’t get down from the scratching post – all part of his plan to jump onto me!

26 December 2012: The 12-week-old B Litter kittens get excited about breakfast

25 November 2012: The B Litter kittens at 8 weeks old. The first video opens with Biko (black tabby) and Byron (seal point with white paws) wrestling. All the kittens then spot a brand new toy that we left lying under the coffee table. They try to figure out how to play with it (isn’t there supposed to be a human on the other end?), and mama Calina joins them.

The second video opens with a little wrestling between Biko (black tabby with white), Bailey (seal point with dark paws) and Byron (seal point with white paws). Bailey then takes on Barney (ginger tabby with white paws), while Biko and Byron square off on the scratching pad (note Biko’s clever move under the pad). Baxter (flamepoint) has a walk-on role near the end.

4 November 2012: The B Litter kittens at 5 weeks old. The video below begins with Barney, the ginger male, taking a walk before deciding to join the pile-up.

The second video was shot in the evening, so the light isn’t as good, but the kittens were definitely more energetic.

26 August 2012: Alfie climbs the 2-metre tall scratching post in our living room. He will chase a toy on the end of a string up on to the ledge near the top of the post, grab it in his teeth, and then make his way down the post – ready to start all over again.

Alfie tries to figure out how to get the string.

24 June 2012: The A litter kittens at 7 weeks old, playing with Cat Dancer

3 June 2012: Ariana, Alexander and Alfie at 4 weeks old are getting very active and playful. But their favourite game is climbing into Neil’s lap as he sits on the floor trying to take their photographs.

26 May 2012: Meet Ariana (seal colourpoint), Alexander (black tabby) and Alfie (red colourpoint) at 3 weeks old as they learn to walk. And you can hear their mum, Calina, calling too.

See how a mother Siberian eludes her six kittens for a short break.

Many Siberian cats love to play “fetch”.

Siberian cats are often quite affectionate towards each other.

Twin Siberian kittens Elu and Elmo wrestling in September 2011, when they were one month old.

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