Calina’s kittens are on the way

Siberian cat Calina

Pregnant Calina. July 2011

Our 14-month-old mackerel tabby Siberian cat Calina is looking quite pregnant these days.

In early June, she mated with Filimon (Filimon Dikaya Krassa) at Mike White’s in New Hampshire. Filimon is very low-allergen (Fel d1 fur test = 75) so we are hoping for a number of similarly low-allergen Siberian kittens.

Calina’s kittens should be born around August 12, and the entire litter has been reserved for buyers.

In the meantime, Calina is a bit less adventurous than before, and loves to groom – and be groomed by – our new male, Harley. She spends much of her time snoozing, and likes to lie on her side.

Here’s a page devoted to Calina’s pregnancy, with several photos.

Although we do not currently have Siberian kittens for sale, please feel free to contact us about future litters.

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