First photos of the N Litter

Grand Champion Cici gave birth to the N Litter of five kittens two weeks ago today, on 16 April 2017. The father is Harley.

There are four colourpoints in this litter, one being an interesting darker shade – we’ll have to see how his colours develop as he matures.

And there is a tabby; in some of the photos you can see him at the bottom of the scrum. 🙂

With four very similar kittens, we’ve had to mark their tails, so that’s why you’ll see some bits of unusual colour in the photos.

The N Litter kittens are all doing well. In birth order, they are:

  1. female seal lynxpoint
  2. male tabby
  3. female blue lynxpoint
  4. male seal lynxpoint
  5. male colourpoint (exact colour not yet apparent)

We’ll publish individual photos in the next few days. And please help us name these little darlings, by posting suggestions in the comments below, or by emailing us.

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3 Responses to First photos of the N Litter

  1. Gaby & Jorge Bisteni says:

    How about Nala?

  2. Fleur Morris says:

    What about Nancy, Norman, Nellie, Nigel, Nyla, Nola, Noel, Noelene, Nirvana, Nia, Nina, Nicky, Neville, Nils, Nelson… your cats are gorgeous!
    How does one go about acquiring one?

  3. Neil says:

    Hi Fleur: Please ring us for a chat. Judee

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