K is for kittens

Cici and the K Litter

Cici and the K Litter

It must be spring! We have four colourpoint kittens, born six days ago on 31 August.

This is the “K” litter, so it is time to start sending us your suggestions of names starting with “K”. As soon as the kittens’ personalities start to emerge (around two weeks of age) we will select the names that suit them best.

You can send your suggestions by email, or by posting in the comments section below.

The kittens are all above average weight and very vigorous. But they are hard to tell apart. (Actually, we have a secret marking system!) Although their mother Cici is a tabby, all the kittens are colourpoints like their father Harley.

The K Litter

The K Litter

Russell, our long-time vet, made his traditional house-call the day after the kittens were born, and pronounced them and their mother in perfect shape.

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3 Responses to K is for kittens

  1. Helen says:

    Such happy news for the start of Spring, congrats 🙂 Well done, Cici. Good to hear they’re all doing well and the kittens are a good size.

    K’s a tough one with all the trendy names which aren’t my bag. There are some lovely Maori words and names so maybe something there? Kina (sea urchin) was the first that came to mind, Kowhai, Kiri (a good friend of mine has Kiriana as a middle name)/Keri.

    Also Kit(kat, haha), Keira, Kara and Katniss for a pop culture reference/second cat pun). There are quite a lot of animal names starting with K but that may be more my thing than something that suits your naming patterns. RIP, Mouse my guinea pig. Good luck if most are boys, fewer options again!

    Have fun getting to know them.

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Helen (and sorry to hear about Mouse).

  3. Helen says:

    It was a long while ago now! Dear pets, guinea pigs 🙂

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