Gus at ten months old

Siberian cat Gustav (Gus) at 10 months old

Siberian cat Gustav (Gus) lounges on the sofa at 10 months old, 7 Feb 2016

Nice to hear from bluepoint Siberian Gustav (Gus) as he turns ten months old:

He is getting very big – nearly 12 pounds (5.4kg) now! He loves to bring his toy upstairs to our room and drop it on our bed wanting to play – at 4:30 in the morning! It’s so funny because you can hear the end of the toy bang against the stairs. I can’t get over how dog-like he is. His vocals have not stopped since he was a kitten; actually, they’re much louder and more frequent now than ever. Just making sure we know he’s here. 🙂

– Vanessa

We had noticed Gus was the most vocal kitten of his litter. Most of our cats only talk when they have something to say, but some just like to announce their presence, as Vanessa says.

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