Merry Christmas from Gus and us

bluebpoint siberian kitten Gustav

Merry Christmas from Gus!

We’d like to wish all our cat friends a happy holiday season, and to share this update from Vanessa:

I’m so excited to hear that the (allergen) level of kittens has been promising. Gus is excited to have another sibling, hopefully in the next year!

We just love him so much. He can be such a naughty kitten sometimes though, but his face is too cute to stay mad at for long. He acts more and more like a dog everyday, runs down the stairs when we’re getting ready to leave and sits at the door begging to come with us…or just go outside. He jumps on us in the morning talking like crazy to wake us up to play. He loves the Xmas tree. If we stop playing with him, he will wonder over and discreetly jump up and in the tree. Luckily he leaves it alone when we’re not at home. He’s getting very heavy and his face is starting to fill out now. Oh and he absolutely LOVES his scratching post.

Thanks Vanessa!

And if you’d like to see a more dignified photo of Gus, be sure to visit the Gus page for a real beauty!

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