H Litter kittens arrive

The H Litter Siberian kittens at 11 days old

The H Litter kittens at 11 days old, 24 August 2015

We’re pleased to announce we have three new kittens – born 11 days ago to Calina and Harley.

All are doing very well (they had their first checkup with The Vets this morning) and so is their mum.

Two of the three kittens are females, and the third might be. 🙂

[UPDATE 27 August: Yes, all three are females.]

Thanks everyone who sent us suggestions for H names. We’ll be naming these little folks after we get to know their personalities in the coming weeks.

For more photos, please visit the H Litter page and follow the links to each kitten’s page.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hillary, Hermione, Harry, Hagred, Holly, Hamish, Hariet, Hiccup, Herby please!

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