6-week-old kittens play “upstairs-downstairs”

Siberian kittens Foster and Freya at rest

6 week-old Siberian kittens Foster and Freya at rest, 10 February 2014.

We have a couple of plush “igloo” style houses big enough for several kittens.

But, as often as not, they prefer to climb on top of the house for a snooze, rather than getting inside it. The house then usually collapses under their weight, which just makes it an even more comfortable spot to snooze.

Peanuts, by Charles SchulzThis always reminds me of Snoopy in the Peanuts comics, sleeping on his dog house.

In the photo above, Foster relaxes on the roof while his sister Freya, with the dark paws, looks out from inside.

The F litter kittens will be six weeks old tomorrow.

Bonus photo!

I took this photo three days earlier on 7 February. It was at night, in poor light, but you can see the same two kittens, with Freya peeking out as Foster stands on the roof!

Foster on, and Freya in, the igloo

Foster on, and Freya in, the igloo. 7 February 2014

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