Where are they now: Mister Baxter

Mr Baxter (now known as Caesar) lives in Otago with Taneli and Jessica. He has just turned one year old.

Male Siberian flamepoint kitten Baxter (Caesar)

Male Siberian flamepoint kitten Baxter (Caesar), 26 Sept 2013

Jessica writes:

Caesar is doing well! He still thinks he’s the baby of the house, though, so I think it was a bit confusing for him when our baby arrived, and he no longer had exclusive rights to my lap in the evenings from 7pm onwards.

He is an outdoor/indoor cat since we moved into this house, which came equipped with a cat door. When he comes in, he bursts through the door and announces his arrival loudly with happy meows and headbutts. At dusk Caesar comes in for the night, and we lock his door.

He’s very much a dog-like cat! If we run into each other outside on our way for a walk, he will follow us around the neighbourhood. He also goes over to the elementary school (which our son attends) daily and has gotten to know the kids there, who have named him Snowy. Inside, Caesar follows us around the house from room to room. He like to be where the action is!

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