Video: Alfie on the scratching post

Alfie is due to leave us in 3 days for his new home in Christchurch, and I am really going to miss him.

He is so full of energy and just loves to play, especially if it involves climbing the 2-metre tall scratching post in our living room.

He will chase a toy on the end of a string up on to the ledge near the top of the post, grab it in his teeth, and then make his way down the post – ready to start all over again.

He can also be quite affectionate too, curling up for a snooze in my lap. Today he had his first bath and he really didn’t enjoy the experience. Yet an hour later he was purring loudly and snuggling up to me as I worked at my desk.

Check out the video below for some closeups of Alfie as he tries to figure out how to get the string.

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