Meet a real Charmer

GC, BW, RW Kotchera Carmel Corn - Charmer

GC, BW, RW Kotchera Carmel Corn, aka ‘Charmer’. Photo: Chanan

Our friend Wendy Heidt of Kotchera Siberians in Vancouver, Washington breeds magnificent Siberian kittens that grow into beautiful pets while winning more than their share of prizes at the cat shows.

Three of the four kittens in her “dessert” litter, born in 2010, reached Grand Champion status.

“Of all the littermates, there was one male who seemed to love the limelight, travel, and people more than the others. GC Kotchera Carmel Corn, call-name Charmer, seemed to know that he was destined to be a superstar,” says Wendy.

Read all about Charmer, and some of Wendy’s other show-stealing Siberian cats, in this lovely blog post at Showcats Online.

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