Free cat toys

Yes, some of the best things in a cat’s life are free. Like these toys:

Siberian cat Cici with her sons Felix and Farley having fun in a box

The all-time favourite cat toy has to be the cardboard box. And no box is too small for a clever cat.

5-month-old Siberian kitten Hoku wastes no time occupying the empty shopping bag

OK, this is definitely not as great as a box, but a bunch of shopping bags can still be put to good use.

Siberian cat Farley at approximately 13 months old, Feb 2015

Since we’re getting into things, how about a sink? Just don’t let them turn on the water. One of our cats has done this, which is why we hide the sink plug in a drawer.

Like many of our Siberian cats, Felix enjoys relaxing on an empty egg carton. 6 Feb 2015

Our cats may be odd, but they all seem to like curling up in an empty egg carton. Even lying on the bumpy side – go figure.

Another great free toy is the crumpled paper ball. We have dozens of these in use at any time. Well, half of them are probably under the sofas. But when we pull them out, it’s like a brand new toy. Just take care when vacuuming! 🙂

Tie a crumpled paper ball to the end of a piece of string (another cat favourite) and you’ll have a cat following you wherever you go. Many people ask us “How long is a piece of string?” and we don’t know the answer – but, for cats, about a metre seems to do just fine.

Siberian kitten George helps with the laundry. 12 May 2014

Laundry baskets, preferably full of clean clothes, are an excellent place to play.

Cosmo (front) and Cleo in their cosy towel hammock.

Or, if the clothes are still hanging, try the clothes airer hammock.

Calina of Seacliffe Siberians

Or, if the clothes have been put away, they’re great for climbing.

Female Siberian kitten Crissa at 7 1/2 weeks old

Unfortunately, shoes are popular cat toys. You might want to keep yours out of reach unless you don’t mind chewed shoe laces or worse.

Got a free cat toy to suggest? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.