Nuri at four months old

Four-month-old Siberian kitten Nuri

Four-month-old Siberian kitten Nuri, 29 Aug 2017

We received this nice note from Nuri‘s family in Auckland yesterday:

Nuri, on the climbing post that Graeme built

Nuri, on the climbing post that Graeme built, 11 Aug 2017

Nuri continues to thrive and bring such joy to our family. Graeme was enthusiastic from the first day and quickly built a super tower for Nuri to play on. Nuri takes a full-force run at the tower and swings around the pole onto the bucket. He pulls and wrestles with the toys on the bungy cords and takes them to his ‘crow’s nest’ after the final capture. He loves to be high and his location is near my desk so he can keep an eye on me and the birds flying by.

It is great to hear the stories from the other kittens and we see many personality similarities. Nuri loves to greet Kimberley when she comes home from work and settles next to her on the sofa in the evenings. Alex has not had any problems with his allergies and Nuri loves to play ping pong ball games and hide and seek with him.

We often nick name him Nuri Nu-nu when he is especially adorable, and he definitely lives up to his Instagram name Furry Purry Nuri.

We took Nuri for his neuter operation yesterday, and the vet said he was a very good patient and charmed them all with his play, despite being woozy after the op.

Thank-you again for all your nurturing and care to bring such wonderful pets to so many families.

– Jan

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