Low-allergen Georgy is part of the family

Siberian kitten Georgy with Sophia, April 2016

Siberian kitten Georgy with Sophia, April 2016

We were delighted to receive some photos from Michelle and family, who are now sharing their home with blue tabby kitten Jonty from Cici’s J Litter.

Jonty – now known as Georgy – is an extremely low allergen kitten (he had the lowest Fel d1 test result in the J Litter) and has proved to be a hit with the whole family.

Michelle writes:

Here are a couple more pictures of Georgy. He has become Sophia’s baby! He is so very tolerant of being picked up and cuddled all the time – though Sophia is also good at playing with him and we are all astounded at his leaping ability. None of us can resist him. He seems to have bonded with all of us really well.

More photos at seacliffesiberians.com/georgy

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