Hoku the acrobatic kitten

7-month-old kitten Hoku on top of a door

7-month-old kitten Hoku on top of a door, 6 March 2016

Hoku, the fearless black/brown tabby, has a new trick: jumping on to the top of an open door.

Getting up there is amazing enough. Finding it a comfortable place to linger is even more surprising.


To be fair, she jumps from a nearby table or chest of drawers, but it’s still an impressive display of agility.

She has now done this a couple of times on our office door, and has almost made it onto another door.

Hoku seems to have inherited her mother Calina’s head for high-wire antics. Here’s Calina in her younger days:

Calina of Seacliffe Siberians

Calina of Seacliffe Siberians

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