Here’s a clever way to keep your cat safe!

Oscillot cat containment system

Judee and I are delighted to announce that we are now the New Zealand distributors of the Oscillot® cat fencing system, and we have all the components in stock for immediate delivery.

Are you familiar with Oscillot? The system consists of a series of aluminium paddles which are mounted on top of existing fences. If a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, their paws touch the paddle, which then spins so that they cannot get traction.

Oscillot is an elegant and unobtrusive design, that turns sections or courtyards into safe spaces for your cat’s outdoor adventures.

Depending on the installation, Oscillot can also be effective at keeping your neighbours’ cats out of your yard. And it doesn’t make your property look like a prison.

Oscillot is made in Australia of high quality, powder-coated aluminium. It’s beautifully made and will look good while keeping your cat safe from harm in the outside world.

Oscillot is straightforward to install by DIYers, fencing contractors or your local handyman. Check out the videos on to see how it works.

If you’ve been thinking about how to keep your cats safe in your yard, or you know someone who is, please contact Judee on (021) 142 5585. Or visit to learn more.

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