Our lovely H Litter kittens at 6 weeks old

Siberian kittens Hanna, Hollie and Hoku at 6 weeks old

Siberian kittens Hana, Hollie and Hoku at 6 weeks old, 25 Sept 2015

I took this photo in the evening and didn’t want to startle the kittens by using the flash. So the photo quality isn’t great.

These are the H Litter kittens, all three of them females, and the offspring of Calina and Harley. When I took the photo they were relaxing on top of a climbing post.

Both the H Litter and the I Litter (five kittens, born 12 days later) are on to solid food and they take turns expanding their territory throughout the house. They haven’t met each other yet, but we are looking forward to introducing them soon. Might even try to get a video of the encounter. Should be interesting!

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