Siberian cats open low-allergen café in Canada

A friend in Ottawa sent us this news story from neigbouring Chelsea, Quebec.

Opening soon: a café for people allergic to cats, featuring…cats. Siberian cats, naturally.

Michael Lebrun, co-owner of Siberian Cat Café, is allergic to cats. But in 2013 he got a low-allergen Siberian cat and now he and his partner have three.

The couple is preparing to open a café with as many as seven Siberians in residence.

World's first Siberian Cat Cafe

“Cat cafés started in Taiwan and became popular in Japan in the mid-2000s before expanding to Europe, then North America,” says Metro newspaper. “Siberian Cat Café is partly inspired by Montreal’s Cafe Chat L’Heureux, which opened last year.”

The café will also have an animal-free room, where people who aren’t necessarily fond of cats can congregate, and a patio where dogs are welcome.

Mr Lebrun says opening date is 4 July, but may be adjusted depending on how the cats settle in.

“The cats really have to make the place their own before we invite people to come in,” he said.

I like coffee and I love Siberian cats, but I have mixed feelings about the Siberian Cat Café.

I hope the cats are given plenty of safe space to be themselves. And I also hope that people with severe allergies don’t come away disappointed if they have an allergic reaction at the cafe. People’s sensitivity to cat allergens varies greatly, as does the allergen level of each cat. Not all Siberians have low allergen levels, although they are more likely to than most other breeds, particularly if their parent are low-allergen.

What do you think? Would you go to a cat café?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’d go! I love meeting new cats and always like theatres with cats so same thing really. I’d get jealous if I couldn’t attract a cat though!

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