Archie still warming hearts in Wanganui

Holly and Siberian kitten Archie

Holly and Siberian kitten Archie, 26 Feb 2014

We received this very nice email a couple of days ago from the home of Archie (originally named Byron) in Wanganui.

Hi Judee,

Hope all is well with you guys, I still love watching the kittens on the website, you do a fab job of keeping it so up to date.

Archie is doing really well. He survived the week in the cattery. He did lose a bit of weight and learn some kitty bad language (he meowed SO loudly all the way home from the cattery and for a couple of days after) but he is all back to normal now.

We also moved house and I am pleased to say he took it in stride and is perfectly settled now.

He is still very cuddly as you can see in the photo. Holly went on camp last week and he spent the week looking for her whenever we came home.

He has found the last few weeks a bit warm but still wants to be close to us so follows us around the house and sleeps close to wherever we are.

Holly made him a new toy yesterday which is feathers on the end of a string which he loves and jumps so high to catch them it is most impressive.

I love the fact that when we come home he comes running to the door and rolls over asking for a belly rub. It is his favourite thing and often he will just lie in front of you, roll over and look cute so you rub his belly. 🙂

Take care

Thank you Caroline! We always love to hear from you and see your latest photos. Archie would be 17 months old now. He has always been a beautiful cat. In fact we have a photo of him at 10 weeks old, flanked by Bailey and Biko, on Judee’s business card.

Siberian kittens Bailey, Byron and Biko

Siberian kittens Bailey, Byron and Biko at 10 weeks old

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