Dougal moves to Christchurch

Siberian kitten Dougal checks out his carrying case before flying to Christchurch

“Hey, this looks comfy. Do I need a passport?” – Dougal, jet-setting kitten

Hello South Island, where the days are long and the temperatures high – at least at this time of year.

Young Dougal left us yesterday for his new home with Rosanne and Eric in Christchurch.

You can seem him checking out his specially equipped, airline-approved cat-carrying case in the photo above.

He must have known he was heading off on a big adventure. Before we put him in the case, he made a final stop at the litter box, and went to visit his mother Calina on her favourite chair for a kiss goodbye. Then it was off to the airport.

About that carrying case

You can find out about Dougal’s carrying case in a new section of the website, called Cat Accessories. Like most things, there’s more to a good carrying-case than first meets the eye. We’ll show you how to pick a good one, and reveal how we modify even the best cases to improve the safety of our kittens.

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