Siberian kittens can even remove unwanted fridge magnets

Are unsightly refrigerator magnets driving you crazy? Why not get a magnet-removing kitten from Seacliffe Siberians?

Our cats are not only gorgeous and low-allergen, they can also restore that brand-new look to your appliances.

Watch how easily 10-month-old Stoli gets rid of an annoying magnet:

Thanks to Emily for sending us this video! She writes:

We thought you might like this video of Stoli (excuse the loud tv noise!) attacking the fridge – his latest past time. We come home to find it totally bare, every single magnet he can possibly reach on the floor.

That’s right Emily, you can count on our cats to get the job done right! 🙂

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2 Responses to Siberian kittens can even remove unwanted fridge magnets

  1. Emily says:

    He certainly is an excellent magnet remover… And anything attached under magnets… Invitations, letters, all things important, which he normally then pushes under the fridge!
    Little rascle jumps as high as the freezer to get all the way to the top ones, nothing is safe from his paws.

  2. This is cool. Just spotted a link to this page from Improbable Research’s article on fridge magnets.

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