Kittens have landed

Calina's C Litter of Siberian kittens

Calina’s C Litter kittens at 12 hours old. 24 March 2013

Calina began giving birth at 4.28am today. Over the next two hours she delivered six kittens: a shell cameo (our first in this colour!), a silver blue, a colourpoint and three tabbies.

The largest is the shell cameo, arriving at 124g.

This is Calina’s 3rd litter in New Zealand, so we are looking for names that start with C. Suggestions welcome!

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9 Responses to Kittens have landed

  1. Jessica Slattery says:

    Can’t wait to see some photos! Wish we could get another one! Congratulations!

    • Neil says:

      Hi Jessica! Here’s a photo of the group. Hope you and Caesar are all well. Love the photos you sent, and we’ll put some on the website soon.

  2. Anne Wogen says:

    Some “C” names: Colin, Caleb, Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes fame), Celeste, Callista

  3. Suzanne says:

    That’s it? What have you been doing all week – MORE PICTURES!

  4. leontyne says:

    Kittens names: chloe, Caddie, Cadeca, Caduceus, Caesar, Caffrey, Cafu , Cagan, Cagney,Cain, Caina, Cairo, Caitlin, CajCaj, Cajun, Cake, Cakes, Cal, Calamity,Caledonia, Caliban, Calico, Califa, cassie, cassava, cassa, calamity-jane, coco, chanel, candy, casey, cassidy, cassandra, casa-blanca, cheryl, charlie, choccy, chocolate, choca-holic (dominique), clamantha, cleopatra, catty, crazy-cat, canary, cutie and cookie. all thought up by me leontyne! have fun naming the kittens!

    • Judee says:

      Thanks for all your suggestions Leontyne. Now that the kittens’ personalities are emerging, we’re ready to choose their names. Check back next week to see if one (or more) of your names is a hit!

  5. leontyne says:

    YAY! you named one cleo! thank you SO much! i like cleo the kitten! they are adorable! i just want to see them. how is mama cat going?

  6. leontyne says:

    showed my friend the kittens and she says they are adorable and that her dad is allergic to cats so she cant wait to show him this website!!! 🙂

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