Home in New Zealand

Siberian cat Harley on a 2-metre-tall scratching postIt’s great to be home!

After four years living in Toronto, we’ve returned to Auckland and are enjoying the arrival of summer, even if it’s been a bit cold, windy and rainy the past few weeks.

The cats seem not to have minded the long trip, with a stopover for a couple of days in Vancouver.

Harley, our young male, loves his new open-air cat run attached to our house and chooses to spend about half his time there, watching the birds and listening to their unfamiliar songs.

Within a few minutes of spotting the new, two-metre-tall, scratching post, Harley had climbed to the “crow’s nest” for a good look over his new surroundings and the dozens of boxes waiting to be unpacked. It’s now one of his favourite perches.

Before the cats arrived, I built three scratching posts, all at least 1.2 metres tall. We believe cats need tall posts in order to stretch and climb while they are scratching.

Harley asleep on the scratching postMari and Calina are doing well and we hope to breed Calina with Harley in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for news about Siberian kittens!

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