Siberian kitten reserve list

Our low-allergen kittens are extremely popular, so if you wish to be placed on the Siberian kitten reserve list, please contact us as soon as possible.

Current list:

  1. Rebekah and Dan (reservation on hold)
  2. Helen (reservation on hold)
  3. Tipu and Mel (reservation on hold)
  4. Catherine and Blake
  5. Marjon
  6. Rachael and Nick
  7. Flynn and Zara
  8. Sharleen
  9. Mark
  10. Michael and Lauren
  11. Alice
  12. Sarah and Mark
  13. Monika
  14. Lauren and James
  15. Scott
  16. Taliah and Jamie
  17. Rochelle and Abigail
  18. Melissa and Ben
  19. Grace and Ted
  20. Breeder
  21. Elena
  22. Mary Anne and Sam
  23. Kirsty and Dan

“Reservation on hold” indicates that a purchaser is currently unable to complete their purchase but they wish to retain their position on the list.

Please bear in mind that although we attempt to place kittens on a first-come-first-served basis where possible, our number-one concern is to ensure that each buyer gets a kitten with a Fel d1 level that will not trigger allergic reactions for anyone in their family.

Within any litter of Siberian kittens, there will be a range of Fel d1 levels, possibly including levels that are in the “normal” range, ie comparable to an average non-Siberian kitten. Kittens with the lowest Fel d1 levels are the rarest and the most expensive – but are sometimes the only kittens suitable for a family with severe allergies.

Although we breed our cats to maximise the chances of low Fel d1 kittens, we also have each kitten’s Fel d1 level lab tested, which generally occurs when the kittens are 11-12 weeks old. Only then, can we do the necessary match-making between kittens and buyers.

If you reserve a spot on our kitten waiting list, and we cannot provide you with a kitten of suitable Fel d1 level, then you will automatically go onto the list for the next litter, and you will retain your position in the queue.

We reserve the right to select and retain a kitten for breeding purposes.