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B Litter cats are three years old

My, they grow up so quickly, don’t they? Just last week, on 30 September, our B Litter kittens turned three years old. From Hong Kong, Emily writes: Happy 3rd birthday to all the B litter kittens (cats!) Stoli loves helium … Continue reading

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Our lovely H Litter kittens at 6 weeks old

I took this photo in the evening and didn’t want to startle the kittens by using the flash. So the photo quality isn’t great. These are the H Litter kittens, all three of them females, and the offspring of Calina … Continue reading

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The I Litter kittens have names!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions – we now have given the I Litter their names! And here they are… (You can click each of these photos to see more.)

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Announcing: the I Litter

Yes, that’s right. Just 12 days after Calina gave birth to the H Litter (3 kittens), Cici followed up with five kittens born on 25 August. They’re all doing great; they opened their eyes last weekend and they are getting … Continue reading

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H Litter kittens get names

After much deliberation, the naming committee has announced its decision. Thank you to all of you who proposed names for the H Litter. Hollie (or Holly) was the most popular name. Here are more photos of Hana, Hollie and Hoku.

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H Litter kittens at 17 days old

Well, it’s not much of a photo of the two black/brown tabby girls, but I think the grey tabby more than makes up for it with her relaxed pose resting on her sisters. Judee and I were discussing H names … Continue reading

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Georgey catches a fisherman

Georgey, a sealpoint Siberian kitten from our G Litter, has found a good friend at his new home. Young Marcus loves to fish, and it turns out that Georgey is happy to play along. Judee and I love how Marcus … Continue reading

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H Litter kittens arrive

We’re pleased to announce we have three new kittens – born 11 days ago to Calina and Harley. All are doing very well (they had their first checkup with The Vets this morning) and so is their mum. Two of … Continue reading

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Alexander looking good at 3 years old

Our A Litter kittens are now more than three years old. Kirsty, who adopted black tabby Alexander, sent us this photo and commented: “He’s a big boy now! He’s getting more affectionate each year.”

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Video: Gus goes for the bungy

Isn’t it funny how cats can ignore a toy for weeks, then all of a sudden it’s their favourite. For a few hours at least. In this video, 17-week-old Gustav (Gus) has recently rediscovered the bungy cord toy hanging from … Continue reading

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