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Siberian Kittens

Lucy at two months old

As I was busy working in the office yesterday, I noticed that Lucy was keeping me company, sitting on another chair. If only she could answer emails. 🙂

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Three-year-old Farley

Back to the F Litter for a moment, and here’s another birthday photo (the F Cats turned three years old on 1 January.) Vicki writes: Farley spent his day having a lovely brush and playing with his new cat toys. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Georgy

We received this nice photo from Michelle shortly before Christmas. It’s Georgy (ex Jonty from our J Litter) who turned one year old yesterday! He’s perched on his 2-metre tall Super Scratcher Deluxe climbing post, made by Seacliffe Siberians. Isn’t … Continue reading

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The F cats are 3 three years old

The first of January was the 3rd birthday for the F Litter kittens. It’s certainly an easy date to remember for owners of our F kittens – and that includes us because Felix stayed here at Seacliffe Siberians where he … Continue reading

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First photos of the M Litter

Hoku gave birth to four kittens on 27 December. Just to make life interesting, the first three are dark female tabbies. Telling them apart is going to be a challenge (we keep close watch on their weights, which are currently … Continue reading

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Video: L Litter kittens at play

We woke the L Litter kittens for a photo shoot and video recording, but obviously Linus needed more sleep! You can even see him yawning.

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Hoku’s kittens coming soon

It’s an exceptionally busy time around here, with another litter of kittens only days away. This will be the first litter for 16-month-old Hoku, daughter of Harley and Calina. Hoku was the biggest kitten from our H Litter and is … Continue reading

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Gustav and Jespa happy together

We received a Christmas message from Gavin and Vanessa along with these photos of their two Seacliffe Siberians. Gustav (Gus) is 20 months old, and little Jespa will be one year old on 3 January.

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Introducing Leo

You’ve been patient! Here’s the third and final kitten in the L Litter and his name is Leo. Leo was one day behind his siblings Linus and Lucy in moving to solid food, but then made up for lost time … Continue reading

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Introducing Lucy

Here’s the second of our L Litter kittens. If you recall that yesterday’s featured kitten was named Linus, you won’t be too surprised by our choice of Lucy for the second-born. Lucy is a lovely little tabby, and already the … Continue reading

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