Cat Accessories

Here are a few cat accessories that we recommend to help you care for your cat.

We also offer a few of these accessories for sale.

Oscillot® Cat Containment System – We are the New Zealand distributors for this amazing Australian-made product. Oscillot® is for people who want to let their cat experience the outdoors, but still be safe from road accidents and other dangers. It installs on top of suitable fencing and lets your cat roam – at home!
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Cat-carrying cases – Here are the cases we recommend, and the modifications we make so they are even better. [Available from us]

Cat claw/nail clippers – We trim our cats’ claws about once a fortnight, and usually just the front claws. We’ve tried many cat claw clippers over the years, and like these best.

“Cat Dancer” toy (info coming soon) [Available from us]

Cat doors – Because all our cats are microchipped, we use the Microchip Pet Door from SureFlap, available in Auckland from Grant at the Cat Door Company. Sure beats having to have your cat wear a special collar to activate the door. Our cats do not go outdoors, but we have two of these cat doors to control access between areas of our cattery for breeding purposes.

Cat litter scoops – These are tough enough to dig deep into clay litter without bending.

Cat runs (info coming soon): We designed and built our own fully enclosed outdoor cat runs. We’ll show you how to do it yourself.

Cat scratching/climbing posts – We started making these ourselves due to the high cost of poorly made ones we saw in shops. Ours aren’t fancy, but they are built to take a beating! [Available from us]

Cat tunnels – A favourite cat toy, but beware of badly designed models that will leave you and your cat frustrated. We show you how to spot the difference.

“Da Bird” toy – For indoor cats, “Da Bird” is a great substitute for chasing the real thing. Our cats can’t seem to get enough of ‘Da Bird’. [Available from us]

Window Screens (coming soon): We’ll show you how we make window screens to keep the bugs out, and the cats in.

“Ball on Track” toy (coming soon)

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