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Siberian kitten Palinki poses for a photo

The four P Litter kittens turn 12 weeks old tomorrow (Saturday 14 Oct) and we will begin their allergen testing in a few days. Here’s a recent photo of Palinki, the only female in the litter. It was taken while … Continue reading

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A picture of Pingu

Pingu and the rest of the P Litter were perched on the 2-metre climbing post when I took this photo about two weeks ago.

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Pavlov and Hoku getting some rest

The P Kittens are 10 weeks old and very active – which means they get very sleepy too. These photos were taken two days ago in one of the kittens’ favourite spots. Often we’ll find all four kittens plus mum … Continue reading

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Birthday kitten Remy still looking great

Here’s another of the birthday cats who turned five years old yesterday. Remy was originally named Barney and is one of our very few ginger kittens. Jeff reports: Remy still loves going outside in his harness and lead – sometimes … Continue reading

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Stoli takes life easy

Emily writes: Happy 5th Birthday Stoli and the other B kittens! Stoli will be celebrating with his favourite dish: tuna, tuna, and more tuna! We love our big ball of fluff, he is such an integral part of our family. … Continue reading

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Happy 5th birthday to the B Litter!

How time flies. The five B Litter kittens are five years old today. So Happy Birthday to Bailey (Stoli), Baxter (Caesar), Barney (Remy), Byron (Archie) and Biko. Here’s a flashback to when they were just tiny. They are with their … Continue reading

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Available now: the charming Otis

UPDATE: Otis has been purchased, and will be moving to Christchurch in a few days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the family who adopted Otis have had to return him. As much as we love having Otis back with us at … Continue reading

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This bed is ‘just right’ for Bailey

Got this nice photo and note from Emily. She and Mike, and their daughter Aria, have Stoli (ex Bailey) from our B Litter. Stoli is well-travelled, having lived with Emily and Mike in Hong Kong for a couple of years … Continue reading

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Hoku is sinking

Maybe she’s waiting for her bath? Or thinks it’s a good place to hide? Our lovable and mischievous Hoku in the sink – a popular spot for cats, it seems.

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Farley and friends

Farley is a blue tabby with white Siberian born at Seacliffe Siberians on New Year’s Day 2014. Now almost four years old, Farley lives with Vicki and her family in Auckland. Farley is as loving and laid back as ever. … Continue reading

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