Mari - Female Siberian CatVarinas Marya Nikolayevna

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Female Siberian Cat

Sire: Varinas Hobbipawz Faddei

Dam: Whites Laras Theme of Varinas

Born: November 27, 2006

Mari was our first Siberian cat, coming to us as a gift from our friend Cailin at Waterlily Siberians in 2010. She became our official “testing cat” for many years, meeting people who wanted to find out for certain if they could live with a low allergen Siberian. Also, she became the mascot of Seacliffe Siberians, appearing on our social media pages.

Sadly, as our breeding programme grew, we just could not keep her any longer and, in December 2016, she moved to a wonderful new home with another Siberian in Australia. Importantly for her safety, she remains an indoor-only cat.

Siberian cat Mari at her new home in Queensland

Mari at her new home in Queensland, 28 Jan 2017

Mari gets used to the view on her first day in her new home

Mari gets used to the view on her first day in her new home, 17 Dec 2016

Mari - Female Siberian CatThis photo courtesy Waterlily Siberians

Mari is shy but very affectionate when she gets to know you. She has an amazing ability to relax, wherever she is.

Mari of Seacliffe Siberians

Mari of Seacliffe Siberians

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