About Us

Calina Siberian Cat with Neil

Calina and Neil

Seacliffe Siberians is a home-based cattery in Auckland, New Zealand. We are focused on breeding hypoallergenic (low-allergen) Siberian kittens for people who are allergic to cats.

Seacliffe Siberians is registered with the International Cat Association, cattery number 22547.

We have two pedigreed female Siberian cats and one male. All are low-allergen cats, which is wonderful news for two people who love cats but have had to live with cat allergies. We now have no allergy symptoms at all!

Here are two things that we believe set Seacliffe Siberians apart from some other breeders:

1. Our kittens are very well socialised and good-natured. We believe this is due to the fact we are a very small cattery, and we invest a lot of time with the kittens every day – playing with them and teaching them good manners. We receive consistently positive feedback from people who buy our kittens.

2. We scientifically assess the Fel d1 allergen level of every kitten. This is a lab test conducted when the kittens are 10-12 weeks old. It enables us to make the best possible preliminary match between kitten and buyer, taking into account the level of allergy sensitivity in the buyer’s family.

We’re always happy to discuss and explain our approach, so please feel free to contact us any time.

Judee & Neil