Suki becomes ‘The Sukinator’

Siberian kitten Suki, June 2017

Suki, June 2017

Suki (formerly known as Mira from our M Litter) lives in Sydney, where she continues to entertain her family:

We are slowly discovering the many sides to beautiful Suki’s personality. For all intents and purposes she is our Suki but occasionally when she’s looking particularly adorable and cute, we call her Suki-lala. In contrast, her many hidden talents are slowly appearing, such as leaping onto tall objects (in a single bound) and running (faster than a speeding bullet) at the slight sign of a reflection on the floor or ceiling. Other talents include being able to contort her ample proportions, allowing her to fit into any space half her body size and ambushing us in a show of unparalleled stealthiness. For these moments she becomes ‘The Sukinator’!
– Paula

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