‘My allergies have all but disappeared!’

A few days ago we were delighted to receive a lovely email from Paula who, along with her husband Scott and their two children, adopted Siberian kitten Mira last month.

Mira, now renamed Suki, lives in Sydney, where she is bringing lots of low-allergen joy to the family.

Paula writes:

Paula welcomes Suki to her new home, May 2017

Paula welcomes Suki to her new home, May 2017

Suki has slotted into family life with ease. I never believed I would be able to have a kitty in my home, let alone enjoy the cuddles and the lap time I’ve been getting. I’ve always suffered from severe reactions to cats: sneezing, hives, itchy eyes, culminating in asthma.

My allergies were very, very mild when Suki first came home and have since all but disappeared! I still pinch myself and can’t believe how fortunate we are to have become her forever family.

The kids have jumped into their added responsibilities without complaint. James is on poop duty and Eleni responsible for washing the litter box once a week and giving Suki a brush. I’ll often find Suki sitting with one or the other during homework time. Suki is very egalitarian when it comes to sharing the love around.

I still find that she follows me from room to room and never really lets me out of sight but she’s become a roly-poly kitty, that loves running the length of the house during her energetic bouts of ‘play-time’ and letting me know it’s time to join in.

Siberian kitten Suki, June 2017

Suki, June 2017

Scott has made a 2-metre scratching post (thanks for the inspiration Neil) and she loves being high up. She plays with her ‘kitty tunnel’, scratching post (eternally grateful she only ever scratches there) assorted balls, toy mice and has discovered the basket that holds all our balls of wool! I’ll often see Suki on one of many window sills, watching the birds. She makes a strange little clicking sound when she sees them.

In the mornings she’s shown an interest in running water from the shower or basins. She will play under a running tap and sit outside the shower door telling us she wants in.

Suki samples the Sydney water, June 2017

Suki samples the Sydney water, June 2017

She’s brought a ton of laughter, smiles and some tears (mostly mine because I’m a sook and love her so much) and I feel we’re lucky to have all found each other. We all appreciate your kindness and care for Suki and our family. It was great visiting and taking the time to feel at ease with a kitty after all these years. I had some serious doubts about being able to ever care for a cat again and I’m so glad that we found you and now have a have a new member of the family.

Thanks so much, Paula. We’ve enjoyed meeting you and Scott and hope for many more updates on your life with Suki.

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