Low-allergen kitten Suki is a hit in Sydney

Siberian kitten Suki with Scott, May 2017

Suki and Scott, May 2017

Suki is the former Mira from our M litter. She lives in Sydney now with Scott and Paula who had been on our list for quite a while, as they needed an extremely low allergen kitten.

They had previously tried a Siberian from an Australian breeder but discovered that not all Siberians are low-allergen! At Seacliffe Siberians we test all our kittens for the protein that causes most allergic reactions, and Suki’s rating was extremely low.

It sounds like Scott and Paula’s new kitten was well worth the wait.

Scott writes:

Everything is going great. Suki has settled in really well, and showing some signs of her mischievous mother! Generally, she is very needing of cuddles and attention (which she is getting bucket loads of, at the moment!), and is very attentive to us (I’mm sure she thinks she is human).

She has the most beautiful and delicate meow, and knows exactly when to use it. It’s almost like she is trying to talk to us!

The kids adore her, and can’t leave her alone, so constant handling and cuddles at the moment, but she is loving the attention.

See more on the Suki page.

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