Cats figure out the Super Roller Circuit toy

We heard about the Cat Super Roller Circuit toy from Karli, who has Siberian kitten ‘Lace’ (formerly Hana). We thought it looked good, so when Judee saw it on sale she placed an order.

In this video, we had just finshed assembling the track and placing it on the kitchen floor. The video shows little Hoku and her mother Calina as they approach the toy for the first time.

It takes Hoku about 40 seconds to work out what to do. As soon as she hits the ball it lights up and the game is on!

As for our senior feline, Mari, she found another use for the track. She now sleeps there every night (and a good part of the day too).

Siberian cat Mari with the Cat Super Roller Circuit

Mari puts the Cat Super Roller Circuit to the sleeping test

Siberian cat Mari with the Super Roller Circuit

“I’ll play with this thing when you’re not watching me, OK?”

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4 Responses to Cats figure out the Super Roller Circuit toy

  1. Helen says:

    Haha. Beth (Iggy) has one of these, too. I set it up last week while some friends were around for a drink and we all enjoyed the lasers in the dark. Beth was into it the second the parts came out of the box and actually got the ball out of the track pretty promptly. When I turn the lights off for bed, if she doesn’t come straight to bed I hear the ball go and open my eyes to see the laser light going around the track ?

    • Neil says:

      Yes, we had the ball come out of the track one time, then realised we had failed to lock the track covers on. (For anyone who hasn’t found this out already, you have to push the covers on to the track pieces, then slide them horizontally until they lock.) It will be interesting to see whether the novelty wears off in a few days, or instead we end up buying more of them to link together so they go right ’round the house, kind of like a model railroad setup. 🙂

  2. Paula Newbery says:

    Wow Neil, may I ask where you got it from? Looks like great fun. Might get one for a future kitty.

    • Neil says:

      Hi Paula: I’ve seen these in Animates, which is a pet supplies chain here in NZ, but Judee found it on special at for NZ$45 (incl GST) so ordered it online. Looking at the manufacturer’s website, it appears they now have a version 2.0 which has green track covers instead of blue – but the pieces are interchangeable. So far, Hoku is the only one paying much attention to it, but we will see how the J Litter reacts when they’re just a big bigger.

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