Siberian kittens coming soon!

Pregnant Siberian cat Calina

It’s easy to see that Calina is almost ready to give birth. 15 March 2013

Our brown mackerel torbie Siberian Calina will likely deliver her 4th litter by the end of next week. The father is our beautiful blue lynx point Harley.

Calina is looking very pregnant, and being quite affectionate too. She likes to keep us within sight at all times and loves lying on any of our belongings the minute we put them down (she’s just curled up on my desk with her head on the digital camera from which I was downloading the photo above).

If you’ve been thinking about welcoming a low-allergen Siberian kitten to your family, this would be a great time to contact us, as there is still room on the waiting list.

Here are photos from Calina’s previous litters:

The E litter
The A litter
The B litter

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